[AVLYST] Mushroom forays for beginners at Sognsvann

Praktisk info

Dato: 04.09.21

Tidspunkt: 11:00 - 13:00

Adresse: Sognsveien 250, 0863 Oslo, Norge

Forening: Oslo og omland sopp- og nyttevekstforening

Region: Oslo, Asker og Bærum

Pris fra: Gratis


Therese Sjøvoll



Arrangementet er allerede ferdig

The trip has been canceled due to drought, we are very sorry! If the situation improves, a new trip will be set up later.

Now hopefully the good autumn mushrooms have started to come. Bring basket, paper bags and mushroom knife. Brochure on safe food mushrooms and dangerous poisonous mushrooms here: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1CFhZLamAV8QGHBV-BxNahLdRYBQz8uku/view​ The corona-restrictions are constantly changing, so we recommend you to check the current rules for Oslo municipality here: https://www.oslo.kommune.no/koronavirus/rad-og-regler-i-oslo/arrangementer-pa-offentlig-sted/ OOSN’s infection control council We must therefore have full name and contact information when registering.

Attendance at 11.00 on the lawn near the kiosk. Look for our guides, they have green vests.

Public transport: Metro 5 Sognsvann.